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The history of computer can be traced back as early as 1900s. A lot of tools has been invented prior computer such as: telegraph, radio, television, and typing machine. All these tools main purpose of computer is to help human accomplish certain task easier. But what happen if your computer not working as it suppose to be? Alliance ComTech to the rescue Located at the city of Brea, we have been fixing local people computer for three years in this location.

Frequent Ask Questions

How fast can you get the job done?
It all depend on the job. For reformat operating system and virus removal it will take us 1-3 days all depend on what kind of OS you have and how heavily infected your computer is. Data transfer will depend on how big the file is, we will provide up to 5 DVD, and an additional DVD will cost you $3/DVD. For hardware like screen and DC jack we need to order the part first, which will take 5-7 business days.

I got a blue screen, now what?
Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD is a little difficult to diagnose. The range can be from as small as incompatible driver or can be just a motherboard. We can help you eliminate the guessing part by bringing it here. We do free estimate.

Why should I choose YOU?
You do not have too, but with our experience, price, and turn around time there are no reasons not to choose us.

Services We Offered

Virus/Popup Removal
You are surfing the internet, opening up your email. All of sudden you see your BFF send you an email with no subject. You right away click the link because it is from your friend anyway. BOOM!!! You got infected by the virus. There is a pop up try to block whatever activity you are trying to do with the computer which makes your computer 10lb paper weight.
If you have that problems you can drop off your computer at our location. We will diagnose it and make sure that it is a virus not something else like corrupted windows. We as certified doctor will heal your computer and make it worth every penny you spend on it.

Operating System Problem
You just finished tweeting what you had for dinner. Browsing your other follower tweet you found out that there is a massive multi player game for free on the net. Going into their website and start downloading right away while thinking you can play couple more hours before your bed time. Considering how huge the file is it will take hours for it to download. Finally you decide to take an earlier bed time and will play that brand new game the next day. The next day you turn on your computer but it cannot even go into the windows.
Installing new software, drivers, and also windows update can cause the operating system to got corrupted. The hardcore virus can also cause mess up the registry which will cause operating system problem also. We can help you reformatting your hard drive and transferring your favorite musics, rare movies, and important pictures so that all you need to do is installing your previous software.

Hardware Problem
Your 1 year warranty on the laptop just passed, and then all of sudden your nephew from other state drop by for summer vacation. Being a hyperactive nephew as long as you can remember you hide your precious laptop away while he is there. While you are away for your summer job, he find out where the laptop is and start using it. Streaming movies while eating lunch is the best vacation idea he ever have. While he is drinking you surprise him from behind which makes your laptop had it first and probably last shower it ever had.
Does not matter wether it is craked screen, busted DC Jack, broken charger, bad Hard drive, etc. You can stop by our store and find the best price and service on your beloved computer.

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